‘Maradona’ – book by Philippe Vilain

‘Maradona’ – book by Philippe Vilain

Through this book, Filip bad wanted to talk about this football genius, whom he considers the greatest of all time. “In my opinion, he is the most complete and brilliant player. He is the one who, for me, would adapt best to modern footballeh.”
He follows, “Maradona is a novelistic character with an incredible life. Starting from the slums to the peak of fame, he experienced a sharp decline that led to his death and went through serious illnesses. It is a small rise and fall of maneh.” He adds, “it is destiny, someone who is true to his revolutionary political ideals, who has never given up on himself and his originswith.”

Filip bad he also talks about his choice for Naples when he was courted by the biggest clubs of the time. “You wouldn’t see that today. We’ll never see Lionel Messi sign on Auxerre for example. Maradona is the only player who exposed himself to danger. He spreads emotion, you can’t match him on this field, he gave himself completely and provided emotion, joy and for me you can’t measure that.”

Finally, he talks about the fact that we often have to defend the Argentinian player when we talk about him. “He is associated with this image of a cheater and a bad boy, when it was quite the opposite. At the level of cheating, we cannot reduce it to one single mistake, that of the hand, when we know very well that this hand is not intended. When we played football in the street, we know that this is a reflex that is part of football even though it is not very ethical.”

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