Marc Blata loses his Instagram account: the influencer is accused of fraud

Marc Blata loses his Instagram account: the influencer is accused of fraud

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Marc Blata is currently under fire from critics. Accused of fraud, the influencer has now just lost his Instagram account…

Decidedly, things are going from bad to worse for Marc Blata… As a reminder, the influencer is accused of numerous scams. Indeed, a group called AVI had joined several complaints about it. This, for “organized gang scam”. A case that is reminiscent of Booba’s fight against the agent of influence Magali Berdah. What these two cases have in common: the war against the “influencers”. The darling of Nadé is cited in two separate cases. The first concerns Animounean NFT project inspired by Pokémon. This one promised “2,500 dollars offered monthly for life, luxury clothing, trips to Japan, Pokémon card winnings”. The second, mud gangesis a trading project promoted on Telegram. Shortly after AVI’s conference, the alleged scammer’s account is now inaccessible…

Instagram takes action on influencer scams

“The rules of our platforms are clear and prohibit fraudulent and misleading content intended to mislead our users, announced Meta France, which owns Instagram. We have deleted the Instagram account in question, along with a series of others, to violation of these rules”. A measure that follows the tweet of Help for victims of influencers (AVI). The collective counted nearly 80 victims of the shenanigans of Marc Blata. “I was clearly taken in, we learned earlier from one of them on France Info. But what I expect from justice is above all that they no longer manage to rip off other people. Because they still continue today and apparently it’s not just them. It has to stop”. Still, this measure is an example in the middle. Other influencer accounts linked to scams have also been known to jump. Like that of Marc’s companion, Nadé Blata. A blow for “the Balkanys of Dubai” by BFM TV.

Marc Blata reacts to his exclusion: “these are only social networks”

Marc Blata was quick to react to Meta’s decision. “I receive a lot of messages to know if I am well. Don’t worry, it’s finehe said. It’s just social media.” The influencer believes that “even being certified, being a public figure, etc. there are things that are not good to say”he continues in a video. “But it’s often those who speak the truth who have their mouths shut”he claims. Despite this hard blow, the Dubaïote ” keep your head up “. Not losing the north, he believes that“There is worse in life, above all, as you can see: the importance of making money ». He thus believes that he does not need social networks, or at least Instagram, to continue to make money. A way, in short, for him to keep his community active. Especially since he is still on Twitter and Telegram.

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