Marc Blata targeted by complaints for “organized gang scam”

Marc Blata targeted by complaints for “organized gang scam”

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A group would have brought to light an organized gang scam. Complaints target many influencers, including Marc Blata…

The influencer scene doesn’t get a lot of press these days. If the stars, like Marc Blata and consorts, have flooded our news feed, cases of scams of all kinds make us more and more suspicious. And rightly so. Whistleblowers have made it their mission to uncover the scams perpetrated by “influencers”. A portmanteau word popularized by Booba, who made it his hobbyhorse. A way for him to lift the veil on this dishonest business. That being said, he is not the only one, far from it. Audrey, blogger at the head of the Instagram account Your Stars In Reality, highlighted, on several occasions, the many scams, such as the one that promises you a 1 euro box. But scams are legion. Dropshipping, NFT, trading… Victims have grouped their complaints in order to bring them down.

A collective builds a case for “organized gang scam”

The AVI collective (Help for the Victims of Influencers) was created with a single goal: to denounce the excesses of influencers. The collective has also set up a case for fraud in an organized gang against X. But also, against a public figure: Marc Blata. Something that AVI mentions in their conference on Monday, January 23, 2023. The influencer would therefore be involved two cases. one touch an NFT project in the vein of Pokémon: Animoon. The project had big ambitions. “2,500 dollars offered monthly for life, luxury clothing, trips to Japan, Pokémon card winnings”… Something to sell the dream. The other case concerned the Blata Gang, a trading projectpromoted on social media. Especially Snapchat and Telegram. Promises of winnings by hundreds of euros every day, leading to significant loss of money in cheated people.

Marc Blata accused of scams: more than 80 alleged victims

The AVI counts 80 victims among its plaintiffs. It is clear that the collective receives new elements every week. This, to the point of wanting to automate the census of victims. ” I was clearly taken in, said one of them at the microphone of France Info. But what I expect justice, it is especially that they can no longer scam other people. Because they still continue today and apparently it’s not just them. It has to stop”. Besides Marc Blata, other influencers and reality TV stars are in the eye of the viewfinder. What could mark a turning point in this legal battle against the “influencers”. Considered the high priestess of influence, the agent Magali Berdah is also targeted by an investigation for fraud in an organized gang. Initiated by the Grasse prosecutor’s office, it would have followed after a complaint filed by her sworn enemy, Booba, whom she considers responsible for her cyberharassment.

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