Marc Lavoine gives himself up with an open heart

Marc Lavoine gives himself up with an open heart

On April 29, Marc Lavoine was back on FM bands with a new single from his album, “Adulte Ever”. An opus and a cover that reveal an artist borrowed from a certain form of melancholy, even if the latter does not only want to see this feeling emerge. “I don’t find him to be melancholy. When we speak of living things, we speak of the blow of death. Poetry is like being surrounded by nature, everything wakes up, everything is alive. It helps to live the poetry. So of course there is melancholy, but there is also hope. There is a mixture of everything. “I’m going to love you even though I know loving you will never be enough”, I’m quite happy with this sentence“, he said in an interview given to our colleagues from Pure Charts.

A few weeks later, the singer unveiled the lyrics of “Coeur d’occasion”. “I roll with a second-hand heart / But it still walks / I roll with a second-hand heart / When it lands on your body / I roll with a second-hand heart / But it still walks / I roll with it a second-hand heart / Me who thought it was at a standstill”, he chants in this title. “Superb poetry I enjoy”, “Perhaps the most beautiful of your songs, for thirty years… always the best placed on the romantic melody.“, cheered his fans.

On September 22, Marc Lavoine announced the release of a new song. “The end of a story”, he wrote announcing a musical release tonight at midnight. “Too hasty”, “crazy”, “I can’t wait”, “awesome”, could we read in the comments. This Wednesday, September 28, Sarah Poniatowski’s ex-husband unveiled the cover from an Instagram story. As he often likes, Yasmine and Roman’s dad signs a duet. This time, he is accompanied by the young singer MADIMMI. Note that Marc Lavoine will be on tour from November 5 in France, as well as in Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. He will also be in concert in Paris, at the Palais des Congrès, on December 2.


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