Mariah Carey is not the queen of Christmas, justice has ruled!

Mariah Carey is not the queen of Christmas, justice has ruled!

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She made an empire out of a song. Since 1994, Mariah Carey has returned tirelessly to the musical charts of the planet when the Christmas holidays approach. And for good reason, his tube “All I Want For Christmas Is You” knew how to reinvent itself in the era of streaming and social networks to become a true global phenomenon. If the French Top Singles has not yet cd its whistle notes and other chimes, on Spotify and TikTok, the winter ballad is experiencing a boom that will only intensify until December 25, the day when the title experiences its peak of popularity. Last year, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” landed a diamond certification in the United States for 10 million sales and broke a listening record on Spotifywith 17.4 million streams recorded on Christmas Eve. Unheard of for New Year’s Eve, and quite simply the second best score in history behind “Easy on Me” by Adele.

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A true empire

A shrewd businesswoman, Mariah Carey has made her goose that lays the golden egg bear fruit by generating numerous spin-offs, including a children’s story, an animated movie (“My most beautiful Christmas present” in 2017) and even a musical evening, “Merry Christmas To All”, which will be broadcast on December 20 on the CBS channel. Not to mention the thematic tours, numerous remixes and duo versions, t-shirts and pajamas, Christmas balls, anti-Covid masks and aprons sold on its official website. Given the cultural impact that she continues to have 28 years after the release of her hit, Mariah Carey tried to appropriate the title of “Queen of Christmas” in a completely official way, by filing a request with from the US Patent and Trademark Office, which manages trademarks registered on American soil, for three names: “Queen of Christmas”, “Princess of Christmas” and “QOC”. By winning the case, the five-octave diva would have the possibility of suing all the people who would use these titles.

“Christmas is a season of giving, not taking”

A somewhat panty request according to Darlene Love, who has been singing “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” since 1963, and Elizabeth Chan, a singer whose career, which started 10 years ago, is based solely on the Christmas register, like so many other artists. I firmly believe that no one should hoard anything around Christmas or monopolize it like Mariah is trying to do forever. she said in an interview Variety in August. The case, which received enough media coverage in the United States, bore fruit: in a judgment made public, the US Patent and Trademark Office dismissed the superstar’s request. Christmas is a season of giving, not a season of taking, and it is wrong for any individual to attempt to own and monopolize a nickname like the “Christmas Queen” for the purposes of despicable materialism. . My goal in taking part in this fight was to resist the intimidation of brands, not only to protect myself, but also to protect future queens of Christmas. reacted Elizabeth Chan, satisfied with this happy ending worthy of a Christmas TV movie.

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