Mariana Mazza: Girl with books

Mariana Mazza: Girl with books

Mariana Mazza, a young woman of proven talent – she won the Olivier Award twice, not once, which crowns the best female comedian in Quebec – is known for her lively temperament and assumed openness. We can currently see and hear her on stages in Quebec with Impoliand one-woman-show poignant, funny and touching at the same time. She brilliantly took on the role of Sabine in the feature film on the big screen Disappearing lines. She also showed us her great love for reading through a literary column that she ran with contagious enthusiasm on a television show. Good evening! As of October 2022, it’s his own novel, North of Montrealwhich we can find on bookstore shelves, an autobiographical story in which he recounts parts of his childhood and which we read with a smile on our face.

We already knew we couldn’t beat Mariana Mazza’s library. Right at the beginning, it must be said that the comedian gives place to reading every day. As soon as she has a moment, she does it. “I always have a book with me, for years,” she announces bluntly. His attraction to books seems to be innate. As a child, she grew up with novels in short editions. Which ones did she read? All but a few titles.

That greed, still present today, is the culmination of a thousand and one stories that permanently haunt him. One of those that certainly touched her the most Where I land by Caroline Dawson, the book that won the literary award for students this year. “It’s such a true description of immigration and adjusting to a new life,” she says, clearly marked by her reading. She also really likes the writing of Jeanine Cummins, an author she intends to follow closely. His novel American dirt shows different aspects of exile, exposing the difficult journey of refugees. Colombian Pilar Quintana’s books, which trigger strong psychological springs, are also among those she won’t want to miss. And she finds it incredible Our part of the night Argentina’s Mariane Enriquez, a great eclectic novel that mixes barbaric rituals and the desire for eternity and which many call a masterpiece. It was also awarded at the Prix des libraires this spring.

An inexhaustible source
The flood overflowed and quickly got out of control. Mariana Mazza has a title to suggest in every genre, for every type of reader. A real master of the book. It can even recommend a book depending on the season. For example, Andréa A. Michaud’s thrillers would be ideal for the winter season. Dense, disturbing universes, brilliantly intertwined dramatic threads, enjoy when the weight of snow dampens the atmosphere. During the summer, these are the stories that, according to our guest, should be privileged, for the people behind the sentences and for the conversations that these life stories spark.

His recent readingA life like the others Hanye Yanagihare, a book of more than 800 pages, made a great impression on him. “She’s really an author that I think is important for our generation,” she says. It is very substantial, she touches several strings in one novel, homosexuality, friendship, self-acceptance. She takes her time to set up her characters, her universe. In the second register, our guest suggests the book to those who are looking for a simple but exciting story Florida by Olivier Bourdeaut. For her 7th birthday, Elizabeth’s mother enrolls her in a mini miss pageant. Then begins the race for the podium, where splendor and artistry compete. As she grows up, the young woman she becomes rebels against her parents and this masquerade. A rebellion in which there is nothing quiet. Indigenous Saskatchewan author Dawn Dumont also gets a lot of praise from our guest. His books introduce us with humor to colorful heroes that we quickly want to adopt. Just the title of his latest, The Prairie Chickens are going on tourmakes you laugh.

Mariana Mazza now invites you to go to the comics section and take a look Me, what I like are monsters Emil Ferris, who will surprise you with his masterful ballpoint pen drawings and a script depicting the adventures of an atypical child in Chicago in the 1960s. Football-fantasy of the inimitable Zviane will delight all those who like unconventional atmospheres. In poetry, When I say nothing, I still mean it Camille Readman Prud’homme, a collection that won the 2022 Prix des libraires du Québec, is the kind of eloquent poetry that suits both the amateur and the neophyte. In a fantastic book showcase Wonders of Namiya Bazaar Japan’s Keiga Higashino has something that will leave you speechless with his wondrous and poetic style. Three teenagers decide to spend the night in a now abandoned store. A letter addressed to the former owner will send the protagonists back twenty years, balancing them on the borders of space-time. As for hard facts that we’d rather relegate to the realm of fiction, Laetitia Ivana Jablonka, winner of the Medici award in 2016, tells the story of the nasty murder of a young 18-year-old girl and makes us think about the motives that make a person commit such a shameful act.

From reading to writing
Realizing that one will never be able to read everything in life is what despairs and at the same time animates great readers like Mariana Mazza because the research is endless. In a constant state of discovery, he never seems to tire of books, on the contrary, he has an increasing desire to go through the next one as soon as he turns the last pages of the one he is holding in his hands. Perhaps because she is so aware of the evocative power of words, the actress decided to start writing.

As raw material for his first book North of Montrealshe chooses parts of her own life, not disputing the influences of Caroline Dawson and Alexia Morin (open your heart) in the desire to be closer to himself and to give his story an authentic content. And precisely by going through childhood, which he considers to be a decisive period in the development of an individual, he believes that he can best achieve this. ” I told her: “Mariana, eat and stop talking!” And she didn’t listen to me. So I put her facing the wall so she could eat by herself. And, believe it or not, she kept talking. This episode taken from the novel and evoking the author’s mother well illustrates the adult Mariana Mazza would become, a woman with an undeniable chatter. This time she was no exception to the rule and helped us generously with reading tips, and yet we couldn’t return everything. Let’s just say that due to lack of space, we had to cut during assembly.

Photo: © Jimi Francoeur

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