Marie-Flore and Julien Dor unite for the very beautiful duo “Palm trees in winter”

Marie-Flore and Julien Dor unite for the very beautiful duo “Palm trees in winter”

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Hope of the French song, Marie-Flore impressed by the violent beauty of her writing since her debut in French with the album “Braquage” (2019), from which were extracted the percussive “CQC” and “All or nothing”. Last year, the artist took a new step with the publication of “I don’t know if it’s going”, led by the single “Mal Barr”. “Braquage” was a very loving, passionate, tortured record. L is less the case. Since I write in resonance with my life, I’m better in my sneakers and I think it shows. That’s what I tried to show too. Each album is a photo of my life. I cannot write in total disconnection with what I am deciphered Marie-Flore in interview for Purechartsshe who is allows you to go even further in sounds: On this record, there are actually songs that open up more with more danceable and sunny sounds, and once when I go dark, I’m not bad at it! It’s my DNA. I find it ultra interesting to explore and explore myself in these musical terrains. .

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“There was no chance, it was written”

Defended in recent months by “I know it’s late” and “Mon coeur y va bien”, the album could afford a nice spotlight with the release of a new single from Marie-Flore, unreleased without quite being it. “Palmiers en hiver” originally appeared on his first EP “Passade numérique” in 2017 and the question Palm trees in winter, what are we going to do with them? she whispers at the piano, the answer is now a duet with Julien Dor. When I started writing this title, I immediately sent the lyrics and my demo Julien, to get his feelings. He was the only artist at the time with whom I identified and by whom I felt understood during my first steps in singing and writing in French. As soon as I listened to my draft, it was immediately super encouraging and comforted me in the idea of ​​hanging on, of continuing attests Marie-Flore in a note of intent.

Watch the clip “Palm trees in winter” by Marie-Flore and Julien Dor:

During this year of creation, Julien Dor had invited Marie-Flore to perform the first parts of his tour and they had been able, during certain concerts, to sing this intense ballad for two. An alchemy now crystallized thanks to this rereading: When I think of the years that passed between this demo sent and this duet that will be released, which I love so much, I tell myself that there was ultimately no – or little – chance, it was written . To give their romantic duo a bucolic impetus, Marie-Flore and Julien Dor found themselves in the middle of nature, on a rocky plain beaten by the winds, in the clip for “Palm trees in winter”. In the middle of the woods and near a goat, as the sun sets on the horizon, they sing to each other’s verse before hugging each other with all their might…

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