Marie-Louise Arsenault confronts Jay Du Temple on several subjects at In the media

Marie-Louise Arsenault confronts Jay Du Temple on several subjects at In the media

Jay Du Temple was recently visiting on the set of the show In the media.

As usual, Marie-Louise Arsenault confronts her guests, serving them a harness worthy of the name.

It was no different with the host ofDouble occupation.

The facilitator worked hard to obtain confidences. She told him about his role as host ofDouble occupation (especially wanting to know if it conflicted with his personal values), as well as her looks that always make a strong reaction.

When Marie-Louise Arsenault then questions him whether he had any discomfort with his adventure at OD, he answers ” Yes “, then specifies what made him uncomfortable: “ everything that happened in the last season. »

“I don’t know if the word is ‘uncomfortable’, but it saddened me. It made me ask myself a lot of questions, not just about Occupation Double, about me, my values, what I want to do, what the public wants. »

He says his friends, who don’t listen to OD, started writing to him to ask if he was okay. ” That’s what saddened me “, he adds. ” Me, when I sign a contract, I offer my confidence, I offer my image, I offer what I represent. I think that within the game of Occupation Double, I have always worked hard to embody the values ​​that I advocate without imposing them on anyone. »

He adds : ” When someone bullies or behaves badly, obviously I’m not happy about that. I wish it wasn’t like that. If OD was exactly like me, it probably wouldn’t work as well. »

When she asks him what people react to when they comment on his looks, he begins by saying, ” I don’t know, I don’t read this then, after being slightly shaken by the facilitator, he said: They tell me it bothers me. We talk about my sexual orientation. »

She then takes the ball and retorts: ” That intrigues a lot of people, huh? “. ” Completely, so much! he says.

Why? “, she continues then. ” I think it’s linked to the fact that I hosted a show that feeds curiosity that is not always healthy.

It’s weird to say, “I’m straight!” »

Marie-Louise Arsenault delivered a tight, very interesting interview with this young comedian and host who rarely offers interviews.

The interview can be viewed in catch-up on

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