Marina Kaye announces a happy event: “The most beautiful gift”

Marina Kaye announces a happy event: “The most beautiful gift”

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This Monday, January 9, 2023, Marina Kaye announced wonderful news on Instagram. The singer is passing a milestone in her life.

Marina Kaye has come a long way since her journey through the program France has an unbelievable talent. In effect, the young woman was able to release multiple albumscollaborating with great artists and flourishing in her career. On the heart side, she shares her daily life with a charming young man whom she had presented to her fans in a TikTok video. ” My fans know that I love playing, that I’m the type to always leave something behind. He’s not into music at all, we met through friends“, she had explained to Here is. And it would seem that the two lovebirds want to take an additional step in their relationship. Indeed, on Monday, January 9, 2023, Marina Kaye announced wonderful news to her fans: she is engaged !

Marina Kaye announces her engagement

On Instagram, the young lady returns to the underside of this request. Her darling had then organized a romantic weekend skiing. To you who changed my whole lifewho taught me the meaning of the word love, took me away from everything that was harmful to me and revived my child’s soul. You who love me like no one has ever loved me, who united our two hearts in a single glance and who gave me the strength to fully assume what I am. You who guess me and feel me at every moment, you whose every state of mind I share, you who whispered to me ‘I love you’ 4 days after our meeting“, she writes with a lot of emotions.

Determined to show her loveshe continues her pretty speech. ” With you, I discovered the absence of doubt, the certainty of being exactly where I should be. You asked me if I had cast a spell on you, but it was he who offered himself to us. With you everything is possible and without you nothing makes sense. The most beautiful gift that life has given me is you and the greatest honor will be to bear your name. A magnificent declaration of love for the one who will therefore be a married woman in a few months.

A beautiful declaration of love

Very happy, Marina Kaye had already confided her vision of love, for our colleagues from Gala. “I am a big sentimentalist. I work on instinct and affect. I like to love and be loved as much as loneliness. At the beginning of a story, I need to be reassuredLowering my arms takes me time. And then, once tamed, i am the coolest lover.

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