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Married 12 days to Pamela Anderson, he bequeaths her $10 million

Married 12 days to Pamela Anderson, he bequeaths her $10 million

After being married for 12 days to Pamela Anderson, Jon Peters will leave her $10 million when he dies, the magazine reports People.

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“I will always love him,” said the 77-year-old film producer, who will leave a considerable part of his legacy to his short-lived partner.

Mr Peters’ nuptials to Ms Anderson took place by surprise in 2020, but the ‘Baywatch’ headliner later clarified they were never legally married.

At the time, Mr. Peters told the Hollywood journalist that he had spent almost half his life desiring Mrs. Anderson.

“There were pretty girls everywhere, but for 35 years I never wanted anyone but Pamela,” he said at the time. “I protect her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated.”

A few days later, the couple separated without ever having filled out any official documents.

“There are no hard feelings. Neither marriage nor divorce … just a strange and theatrical dinner, ”confessed Paméla Anderson.

“I love him to death,” she said of Peters. He is a good person and he had a great influence in my life.

Pamela Anderson had two children with Tommy Lee, whom she married in 1995, before marrying Kid Rock, Rick Salomon and Dan Hayhurst.

She now lives on Vancouver Island, with her grandparents on a farm.

And she may inherit $10 million one day, “whether she needs it or not,” says Peters.

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