Married at first sight: a candidate arrested for violent behavior

Married at first sight: a candidate arrested for violent behavior

Scandal in the world of reality TV when we learn this Tuesday, October 4 that a candidate for the show Married at first sight was arrested by the police for violent behavior…

For six years now, France has been passionate about the show, which claims to help lonely souls find love through science. It is clear that the formula is not magical and that the experts Pascal de Sutter and Estelle Dossin are not miracle workers. If some couples never cease to amaze the public like Laure and Matthieu from season 5 or Pauline and Damien and Alicia and Bruno from season 6, we especially remember the scathing failures of the program like that of the couple Caroline and Axel . More recently Joachim and Elodie, lovebirds of season 4 revealed to have separated.

If this is the only way in which the French candidates have distinguished themselves, in the United Kingdom it is not the same. the Daily mail of this October 4 indeed reveals that an emblematic candidate of the show has just been arrested for violent behavior. George Roberts, 40-year-old financial advisor and father of four children, denies any wrongdoing and has been released on bail by Scotland Yard. He was arrested in Worcestershire last Thursday.

Married to Miss Great Britain

In the show, which is also a hit with our neighbors, George Roberts married this season former Miss Great Britain, April Banbury, during a ceremony without legal character on the legal level (a difference with the French emission). The couple had met at the altar for the first time and their relationship did not fail to fascinate the public. The presence of George Roberts in Married at first sight however, quickly became controversial, when three women who had relations with the candidate before the show publicly expressed their concern about his personality. Others have since come forward.

Despite his arrest, the bosses of the E4 channel have decided to continue the pre-recorded show – currently airing. This weekend, the former beauty queen let it be known that their relationship was over. A source close to the bride told the Sun that she”was having a very difficult time” and “never wants to see him again”. She claimed as a bonus now undergoing psychotherapy.

The E4 channel claims to have never known anything about the problematic behavior of the candidate, remarks refuted by one of his ex-companions: I am so shocked to see that he was given a platform in a television program. I sent a message to Married at first sight, I said that I had reported him to the police, they asked me for additional information and I never heard from them again”. A case that the channel would probably have gladly done without…

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