Married at first sight: Justin finally breaks the silence after his separation from Tiffany

Married at first sight: Justin finally breaks the silence after his separation from Tiffany

Justin and Tiffany, met after filming the first season of Married at first sightannounced their separation after more than four years of marriage. This Monday, January 16, 2023, Justin posted a message for his followers on Instagram.

This announcement broke the hearts of fans. While Justin and Tiffany had become one of the iconic couples created thanks to the show Married at first sight on M6, after their meeting at the end of the first season, their couple did not go the distance. Justin and Tiffany had announced expecting their first child in January 2018and were married five months later. Today, the couple is the parent of two little girls: the eldest, Romy and the unexpected Zélie. For a long time, they shared their daily life as parents on social networks. But after years of family happiness, they surprised their fans by announcing their separation on January 1, 2023. Tiffany had posted this message to her Instagram community: “For us, you will surely have understood it, [cette année] will mean change. We no longer take the same life path with Justinbut one thing is certain our family and our daughters will always remain our priority. I will ask you to show respect for this decision. Thank you for your unwavering support, and on the way to 2023!“.

Justin breaks the silence on his separation

They’re not the only couple on the show to recently break up: Élodie and Joachim had also separated in mid-2022. Something to sadden all fans of the show, who dream of beautiful love stories. While the couple remained relatively quiet after the outcry created by their announcementJustin spoke on Monday, January 16, 2023 to his community, on the occasion of his birthday: “That’s it, since yesterday I’m 1 year older! Thank you all for all your positive and sincere messages.“. And he did not forget to give news of his two daughters, proving to his worried subscribers that he is still doing well: “Thank you to my princesses for their joie de vivre! We three are for life. Very nice week… We don’t give up“. Fans hope that Justin and Tiffany can continue to care for their two daughters with love and respect despite the breakup.

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