Married at first sight: two divorced candidates together again? They indulge

Married at first sight: two divorced candidates together again? They indulge

The couple formed by Emeline and Frédéric in the show Married at first sight did not stand the test of everyday life. However, to the amazement of their subscribers, it was around a champagne dinner that we found them accomplices and smiling. Lover ? They took the time to explain everything about their new relationship.

The fans of Married at first sight have probably not forgotten the couple formed by Fred and Emeline. Candidates promised to each other displayed a comfortable 85% compatibility score. Yet that was not enough to bring about the chemistry. In May 2021, Emeline had taken the initiative for the breakup: “Beyond marriage, there is a relationship to be built and that takes time. However, I’m the kind of person who needs (…) real chemistry with my partner (…) I made a blockage because I did not feel all that then, after a first breakup I decided to give a second chance to our beautiful and sincere marriage because yes, we were beautiful”, had explained on Instagram the candidate of Married at first sight who then acknowledged in an interview with Gossip room: ” It wasn’t a relationship that was thrilling“.

If this separation had been complicated for FredEmeline had quickly mourned, falling into the arms of Joshua, whom she thought was the man of her life. However, surprise, at the end of July 2022 she confided in half-words to TV two weeks that this relationship had foundered.

“Little rascals”

And when no one expected it, this Wednesday, November 30, Fred and Emeline met for a dinner alone together. Enough to literally panic their subscribers who rushed to their private messaging to ask former lovers if their story was relevant again. Something to amuse Fred and Emeline who did not, however, make the suspense last: ” We get a lot of messages and everything so we want to tell you something, no we are not in a relationship and are not going to get back together” he began.

And to add that their relationship had taken a new turn: “Besides, we confide in our little love affairs, who we like, we give each other advice, we’re just now very good friends, and there’s no problem, don’t go imagining a lot of things” said the young man whileLaughing Emeline, confirmed her version treating their subscribers of “little rascals“. Fred and Emeline’s evening was an opportunity for the former lovebirds to celebrate their divorce, an evening barely interrupted by a call to Samu, while Fred, a bit hypochondriac, felt unwell. It had never been done to me that one” the pretty brunette had fun. Failing to have succeeded in their marriage, Emeline and Fred will have at least perfectly succeeded in their divorce.


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