Martika Caringella (Moms and Celebs) opens up after announcing her breakup

Martika Caringella (Moms and Celebs) opens up after announcing her breakup

This Friday, January 6, Martika Caringella announced on social networks that she had separated from the father of her children. After this sad discovery, she openly confides in her subscribers.

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When a relationship comes to an end, you must know how to accept it wisely and without too many regrets. A lot of time has passed, you ask yourself a question, you have doubts and I have to answer you… Umberto and I decided to end our relationship and separateMartika Caringella, present at Moms and celebrities on TFX, on Instagram this Friday, January 6th. The news comes because many other reality couples have recently decided to take a different path. Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj, Laura Lempika and Nikola Lozina, Julie Ricci and Pierre-Jean Cabrieresand now Martika Caringella and Umberto Torretto.

Breaking up is never easy

The day after this announcement, Martika Caringella spoke on camera to thank her community for the many messages of support they were able to send her. This speech is also an opportunity for her to tell her news. I’m not here to hurt you. Know that it is a period of life, it is a passage. Breaking up is never easy, she confides, trying to hold back a smile. He takes the opportunity to send strength to all women who have “they want to leave their husband“, but who does not dare: “Courage to you.

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She didn’t think she would be a single mother so soon: “I hoped this would never happen to me

Now a single mom, the former reality star didn’t expect to find herself in this situation so soon: “When I was in a relationship and I saw single women coping with their children, I always said to myself, ‘I hope this never happens to me.’“. It is clear that she has spoken “a little too early” : “Life only sometimes you have to fall, to get up even stronger. Anyway, I’m fine, I’ll be fine and I don’t want you to feel sorry for me or anything. Life goes on.

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