Martin Panchaud wins the ACBD award for The Color of Things

Martin Panchaud wins the ACBD award for The Color of Things

Martin Panchaud has just won an ACBD award for his graphic novel La Couleur des Choses. This work combines the incredible and touching adventure of a little boy who has to find his parents, with brand new graphics for the world of comics.

While David Sala just won the 2022 Landerneau Award Hero weightit’s Martin Panchaud’s turn to shine The color of things (Ed. Tu i Tamo). On the occasion of the awarding of the ACBD award, the author received the Grand Prize, and the Association of Comic Critics and Journalists praised the boldness of the work that “shakes up our comic book reading habits. »

An intimate comic with unique graphics

The color of things is about Simon, a 14-year-old teenager who is often teased by his classmates. One day, when he is assigned to shop for a fortune teller, she reveals to him who the winners of the prestigious Royal Ascot horse race will be. Simon then secretly put all his father’s savings on one horse and won over £16 million.

Schematic plans of the Color of Things. © Editions here and there

However, when Simon returns home, he finds his mother in a coma and his father gone. Only, in order to collect the winnings, the young man needs his parents. So he will go on a quest to try to understand what happened to them. Thus begins a new exploration between the initial story and family secrets.

Originality of The color of things lies not only in its history, but also in its graphics. This album mainly consists of plans, pictograms and signs that are presented in the form of color chips. Radical and stunning drawings of apparent coldness, but through which Martin Panchaud transcribes intimate emotions. These drawings keep the reader spellbound from start to finish, leaving plenty of room for their imagination.

This is Martin Panchaud’s first graphic novel. Therefore, it is a great reward for the author. Maybe he will be able to make a name for himself by coming to defend his work, this time on the occasion Comic Festival in Angoulême, The color of things part of the official selection in 2023.

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