Mask Singer: Christophe Beaugrand unmasked, he made a huge blunder spotted by internet users

Mask Singer: Christophe Beaugrand unmasked, he made a huge blunder spotted by internet users

This Tuesday, September 27, TF1 broadcast a new episode of Mask Singer. During the evening, two personalities revealed their identity: Tori Spelling and Christophe Beaugrand. On social networks, an important detail shocked Internet users.

Who says new evening in front of Mask Singer, says unmasked stars. And this Tuesday, September 27, two costumes said goodbye to TF1. At the start of the evening, a first celebrity was revealed to everyone. It was American actress Tori Spelling. During the magneto, several clues had put Vitaa, Jeff Panacloc, Chantal Ladesou and Kev Adams on the track : a birthday cake with indicated 10 years, but also the inscription 90210. On social networks, Internet users did not hide their joy when they saw the eternal Donna Martin in the hit series Beverly Hills 90210. “Sorry, it’s not Shannen Doherty, has also quipped the American actress, removing her costume. It must be said that during the evening, the four inspectors had racked their brains to try to find out who was hiding under the costume of the adorable feline. “We go back to childhood”said Vitaa, moved to see one of her idols on screen in front of her, in flesh and blood. At the end of the evening, another character was unmasked. On waivers with the monkey, it was the bear who was eliminated at the gates of the semi-final in Singer mask. After a long suspense, it was good Christopher Beaugrand who was hiding, as Kev Adams had sensed…

Christophe Beaugrand unmasked, Internet users shocked by a detail

On September 21, in the Big heads on RTLLaurent Ruquier hinted that the personality hiding under the white bear costume was Christopher Beaugrand. “A Big Head who also does White Bear on TF1, Christophe Beaugrand. I saw you last night in Mask Singer. I recognized you. A guy who breaks his face and sings out of tune, it can only be you, Beaugrand “he said. Unfortunately, this intervention had caused an uproar on social networks. So much so that the companion of Hugo Manos had to apologize in the columns of Tele-Leisure, this Tuesday, September 27. “This story is completely stupid! I didn’t reveal any secrets, everyone has known for several weeks that Christophe Beaugrand and Keen’V are on the show. And then, as they are qualified every week, they do not reveal themselves”he confided, very annoyed.

Except that, on social networks, Internet users were ulcerated seeing that the TF1 host had indeed taken on the role of the polar bear, as Laurent Ruquier had supposed. But that’s not all, sincea disturbing detail has also made them come out of their hinges. On his Twitter profile photo, Ghislain Gerin’s husband wears a black sweater with the inscription “Do not talk to me”. The host of TF1 made a mistake, since he has already worn this sweatshirt in a magneto on which he gave precious clues concerning his identity. Internet users, as fine investigators, have been numerous to highlight this rookie mistake. “No discretion, he’s the bear, look at his profile picture”, “You should have put on another sweater than the don’t talk to me sweater”, “more teubรฉ (sic) you die”can we read on Twitter. Bitter failure.

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