Matt Pokora: his sons Isaiah and Kenna try their hand at the piano, and it’s adorable!

Matt Pokora: his sons Isaiah and Kenna try their hand at the piano, and it’s adorable!

With a singer-actress mom and a singer dad, it’s no surprise that Isaiah (2.5) and Kenna (1 year and a half) are already passionate about music. The sons of Christina Milian and Matt Pokora are already having fun playing the piano, as their father showed in his Instagram stories on November 8, 2022.

Matt Pokora films his sons playing the piano

In a short video, Isaiah and Kenna can be seen standing, play piano… Or rather to press the keys at random! But, no matter, the two little boys discover the pleasure of creating music themselves, the eldest then moving towards the treble and his little brother towards the bass. Matt Pokora does not comment, but we suspect that his heart as a dad and a musician is moved by seeing this adorable scene.

Matt Pokora dedicates a song to Isaiah and Kenna

On November 4, Matt Pokora unveiled his new album, Epicenter. A name which was not chosen at random, since it explained to the Parisian : “My ‘epicenter’ is my family. I can’t make a record with this title without mentioning this tidal wave and earthquake that took place in my life with the arrival of my two children. It had a big impact on my personal life.” In this opus, the dad dedicates a song to Isaiah and Kenna. Entitled “Before you”, it shows everything that has changed in his life since he came into the world, he told Pure graphics : “It is certain that having had two children since the last album Pyramid [sorti en 2019, ndlr]it obviously changed the influence of my lyrics, my songs, what I wanted to say, my way of presenting myself to the public and seeing things.

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