Maud (Love is in the meadow) unrecognizable: she reveals her radical change of look

Maud (Love is in the meadow) unrecognizable: she reveals her radical change of look

Maud had marked the viewers during her participation in the fourteenth season of Love is in the meadow. Saturday December 24, the former companion of the farmer Laurent unveiled her new hairstyle on her Instagram account.

In the fourteenth season of Love is in the meadow, the love story between the farmer Laurent and his suitor Maud captured the hearts of millions of viewers. But after a beautiful idyll of three years punctuated by many hardships, the couple finally decided to separate. “We are no longer together, we had different private and professional goals. I will hang on”had explained the breeder of suckler cows. Since his breakup, Maud continues to give her news on the Instagram account that she once shared with Laurent. “Following your many messages and requests for news, I have decided to keep this account, where I will continue to share my daily life with you”she wrote last October. Very active, the former Swiss waitress had shared her return to her loved ones following her breakup: “Short stay with my dad…and visit to the workshop. Tomorrow I show you what he creates with these trunks. I find it hard to imagine”she confided.

Maud reveals her new haircut

A few months after breaking up with Laurent, Maud decided to radically change her look. “ready for my new life”she had notably written on her social networks the day before to announce the color. Saturday October 24, on her Instagram account, she again revealed her hairstyle to her thousands of subscribers. “Look straight ahead. I wish you all happy holidays. Enjoy every moment, create memories, that’s the best gift. Take care of yourself. Kisses”she wrote to accompany her post where she proudly displays her new boyish cut. A way for Maud to open a new chapter in her life after breaking up with her former companion Laurent.

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