Max Cavalera (Soulfly, etc.) explains why some of his guitars only have four strings

Max Cavalera (Soulfly, etc.) explains why some of his guitars only have four strings

Did you know that some of the guitars of the singer and guitarist of soulflyMax Cavalera, only have four strings? Well, now you know. And it turns out that the musician explained the reason for this peculiarity in a new interview.

During a chat with a member of Brutal Planet Magazine, Cavalera was asked about his guitar skills and his way of creating rocking riffs.

He has answered : “I’ve always been intrigued by riffs, man. I think the riffs are incredible, they’re magical. There’s something about it. Your personality goes through the riff – anger, despair, happiness; it all comes down to the riffs.”

“I love riffs for that reason. That’s why I ended up… Well, no, that’s not why I took the last two strings off – that was a long time ago, in Brazil – but when those strings detached from my guitar and ended up with only four strings, it forced me to be even more creative.”

“I don’t have the other two to help me; I have to do everything with four. So I became even more of a rhythm guitarist because of that. Even today, most of my guitars have four strings.

Soulfly will soon embark on a US tour with guitarist Mike DeLeonformerly of Phil Anselmo & The clandestines.

Soulfly’s latest album, Totemwas released on August 5 via Nuclear Blast. The album was recorded at Platinum Underground in Mesa Arizona by John Aquilino and Arthur Rizk, with assistance from John Powers.

In an interview with Joshua Toomey from the Talk Toomey podcast, Cavalera said the departure of longtime guitarist Marc Rizzo and the ensuing conflict influenced the creation of Totem.

Interview of Max Cavalera for Brutal Planet Magazine:

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