Maya Angelou and Paul Éluard: object poetry

Maya Angelou and Paul Éluard: object poetry

Editions just released by Seghers a phenomenal woman etc Freedom I write your name in the form of poems-objects.

a phenomenal woman is a favorite song of Maya Angelou, the great African-American voice of the 20th century, singer, dancer, actress, activist, writer, teacher and director.

I am a woman
a phenomenal woman
This is me

Maya Angelou

a phenomenal woman

This ode to joie de vivre and unfettered femininity is available in a bilingual version and illustrated by the work of Elizabeth Catlett, There is a woman in every color.

© Seghers Editions

a phenomenal womanMaya Angelou/Elizabeth Catlett, Seghers, €38.

Becoming a symbol of the French Resistance Movement after its semi-secret publication in 1942, Paul Éluard’s famous poem has since changed into an apolitical and universal poetic cry, a call to courage and rejection of any form of oppression.

And that with the power of words
I’m starting my life over
I was born to meet you
To name you

Paul Eluard

Freedom I write your name

Illustrated here by Fernand Léger, identical to the original 1953 edition.

© Seghers Editions

Freedom I write your namePaul Éluard/Ferdinand light, Seghers, €38.

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