Mechanic Resurrection 3: Will Jason Statham come back to break the bad guy? – Cinema news

Mechanic Resurrection 3: Will Jason Statham come back to break the bad guy? – Cinema news

“Mechanic: Resurrection” airs tonight on TFX. The action movie worn by Jason Statham is the sequel to the 2011 film, “The Gunslinger”. Is a 3rd film planned?

In 2011 Jason Statham took over the role of Arthur Bishop, already played by Charles Bronson in 1972, in the film The Gunslinger by Simon West. The British actor plays a contract killer specializing in contracts deemed impossible. The action movie grossed $76 million at the international box office.

Five years later, the sequel entitled Mechanic: Resurrection was released in our dark rooms. Directed by Dennis Gansel, this film saw the killer come out of retirement to find his girlfriend (Jessica Alba) kidnapped by one of his former enemies. The feature film garnered 125 million greenbacks internationally, almost twice as much as the first opus.

Is a sequel planned?

Despite the good results of the second opus at the box office and director Dennis Gansel’s desire to launch a franchise, the studio has never announced a third installment to the adventures of Arthur Bishop.

Mechanic: Resurrection was released in theaters 7 years ago and since then Jason Statham has been doing action films: the Fast & Furious saga and its spin-off Hobbs & Shaw, Troubled Waters or An Angry Man and Operation Fortune from Guy Ritchie.

A third film with Arthur Bishop is therefore unlikely, especially since the actor’s schedule is already full. Statham will indeed appear soon in The Expendables 4, in the sequel to Hobbs & Shaw with Dwayne Johnson, will face a new megalodon in Troubled Waters 2 and should continue with the sequel to the action comedy Spy.

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