Meek Mill mocked after revealing the cover of his next mixtape

Meek Mill mocked after revealing the cover of his next mixtape

Meek Mill is currently being mocked on social media, after revealing the cover of his highly anticipated upcoming mixtape Flames 5.

A questionable visual choice?

The 5th installment in the mixtape series Flames should be hitting streaming services soon. In any case, this is what Meek Mill announced to his 22.8 million followers on social networks. In the process, the artist will have shared the cover of the upcoming project. And that’s where it gets stuck: the cover in question is intended to be ultra minimalist, embracing a black background only enhanced by the presence of 5 flame emojis. On Twitter, users will not have failed to make fun of this choice, even qualifying Meek’s cover as “worst cover of the year 2022.” Another twittos will affirm that the visual selected by the interpreter of It’s bad is even worse than the album cover Certified Lover of Drake, who had made the bet to be only composed of emojis of pregnant women.

In short, not enough to fix the affairs of the rapper, who was already mocked a few days ago for his remix of the title Munch (Feelin’ U) of Ice Spice, and which again had not really convinced.

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