“Meeting your heroes can be a wonderful experience”

“Meeting your heroes can be a wonderful experience”

During his one man show on Friday January 13 in Bergen, Norway, Bruce Dickinson, singer ofIron Maidentold the story of meeting legendary country artist Johnny Cash.

Speaking of Cash in the video (which you can see below), the singer says: “He’s one of my heroes, you wouldn’t expect that, I guess, [parce que] he’s a country singer and all, but he’s an absolute legend.”

He then tells the story: “So here we are, at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto… We’re doing a soundcheck, like, in the mid-80s. At the back of the room, there are old people. We were like, ‘Who are those old guys over there?’ I’m about to leave when a giant, wearing thigh-high leather boots, a leather coat and a stetson cap, comes up to me and says, ‘Hello, my name is Johnny Cash’. And I’m like, ‘I know!’ [rires].”

He pursues : “I am watching him [impressionné] and he’s like, ‘Hey, uh, listen. I’m very embarrassed about this… Could you sign this for my daughter? She’s a huge fan.”

Dickinson then simulates intense discomfort and adds: “So sometimes meeting your heroes can be a wonderful experience.”

On the other hand, the Royal Mail (postal operator of the United Kingdom) has recently launched a range of Iron Maiden postage stamps.

Iron Maiden are the fifth band to feature on a set of Royal Mail stamps, and follow in the footsteps of Beatles and 2007, the pink floyd and 2016, the Queen in 2020 and rolling stones Last year.

Additionally, Iron Maiden will perform a extensive European tour this year, with a date in France, at Hellfest 2023in Clisson.

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