Meghan Markle, a “liar”: an American host openly attacks the Duchess

Meghan Markle, a “liar”: an American host openly attacks the Duchess

American TV host and political commentator Megyn Kelly directly attacked Meghan Markle, following the posting of a new episode of Archetypes, the duchess’s podcast.

Attacks that exude bitternessand maybe even jealousy. Megyn Kellya very famous television host and political commentator in the United States, did not appreciate the last episode of Archetypes put online, the podcast of Meghan Markle. On his Youtube channel, the TV host blames The Duchess her way of talking about her husband Prince Harry and calling her “liar”.

In the episode in question of his podcast, Meghan Markle explains, following a question on the sharing of household chores, that Prince Harry takes his share of the domestic work. “Oh my husband? He’s awesome”she enthuses. Megyn Kelly criticizes him for saying too often “my husband” when she talks about her husband Prince Harry. “We get it, you hit the jackpot. Congratulations, you hit the jackpot and you want us all to know”annoys the TV host.

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Did Meghan Markle lie?

In the rest of her video, Megyn Kelly also returns to Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfreyand especially when the Duchess explains that she didn’t feel the need to research her husband when she met him. All the young women of her generation were in love with the royal family. There are pictures of her outside Buckingham Palace when she was a teenager.”irritated Megyn Kelly. Let’s be real, there’s always been a bachelor to seduce.. In my day it was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr., in his day it was Prince Harry. She was a liar. She lied on this subject [des recherches qu’elle n’aurait pas faites].” The TV host is finally annoyed that Meghan Markle wants her children to inherit royal titles. “They are always complaining about it”she believes.

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