Mendois schoolchildren discover the invisible part of the creation of the book

Mendois schoolchildren discover the invisible part of the creation of the book

Many basic classes in Mende are influenced by author or illustrator animations. The CE2 students at Jeanne-d’Arc School loved it.

As part of M’Lire week, the Jeanne-d’Arc private school invited authors and illustrators to lead meetings with students. “We welcome them from the very beginning 16 years agosays Jean-Luc Privat, director of the school since 2004. Children are always happy because it brings originality and different classes.

This Thursday, November 17, in the afternoon, Maryse Lamigeon and François Vincent, her husband, are coming as guests. Both animate two groups in two different rooms. “This is the second time we participated in the event, the first time was four years ago.confides Maryse Lamigeon. We often hold events and every time is different because everything is based on exchange.“Her husband goes on to explain that the image is universal and therefore, “everyone can read it, unlike the text.

Convey the passion

During the session with CE2, Maryse Lamigeon reveals her career, presents her books and answers many questions that arise: “How do you draw so well? How many books have you written? How long does it take you to write a book?“, etc.

So many questions that the author answers pedagogically and enthusiastically. Then comes the time to finalize the session. On the board, Maryse Lamigeon shows children how to draw wind, but the phenomenon “transparent “. Then it is the children’s turn to draw with pencils and blank sheets to try to show that movement of the air, the secret of which is hidden by the éole.”I think that it is much more direct for children to work with picturesshe analysed. They can tell many stories with just pictures.

In front of the amazed CE2 students, the author managed to immerse them in her universe.

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