Michael Goldman (Star Academy): how he lived the celebrity of his father Jean-Jacques

Michael Goldman (Star Academy): how he lived the celebrity of his father Jean-Jacques

Michael Goldman followed in the footsteps of his father, Jean-Jacques Goldman, into the music business. The new director of “Star Academy” has also mentioned the celebrity of the latter. And he admitted to hiding his identity when he was younger.

If today Michael Goldman takes center stage as the director of the star academyhe lived fame through his father, Jean Jacques Goldman. But being a “son of” is not always easy to live with on a daily basis. As a child, he hid his father’s true profession from his school friends. To pay Releasehe revealed: “I told them that dad was a plumber”. A way for Michael Goldman to protect themselves and avoid judgement. And it is with a touch of humor that he also declared: “Now that dad is less visible, I see him better, it’s true. I even listen to his records with admiration. […] Having him as a father is like having a 30 centimeter dick, it has advantages and disadvantages.

On learning that his son was to become the director of the star academyJean-Jacques Goldman did not fail to react with great pride. For the Parisianthe 43-year-old producer revealed: He congratulated me when he found out I was going to do the show. I’m not sure he has TV, but Star Ac is one of the only shows where he had done a little promotion so he remembered it well. There is no doubt that the star of the French song had to find a way to watch this first bonus in order to discover the first steps of his son in this new role.

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Michael Goldman thought a lot before agreeing to be the director of the “Star Academy“

A job that Michael Goldman hesitated to accept, as he explained to the Parisian : “To be completely honest, I hesitated for a moment to be part of this adventure and I said yes when I attended the castingbecause the kids made me crack. You see 200 young people pass by, you want to hug them all, help them. It lasted four days, but I love it so much I could have done it two months in a row. […] I think I know what viewers expect. It is above all a story of values ​​and behaviors. You have to be humble and hardworking. It only remains to be seen whether the new director of the Star Ac’ will manage to convince his father to come and perform on the set with one of the students… as he was able to do in 2004.

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Photo credits: Benjamin Decoin/SIPA

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