Michel Boujenah reveals that he wore diapers on the set of Three men and a basket (ZAPTV)

Michel Boujenah reveals that he wore diapers on the set of Three men and a basket (ZAPTV)

Guest of Michel Drucker on the set of Strongly Sunday this Sunday January 1, Michel Boujenah delivered a funny anecdote concerning the shooting of a cult film which will earn him a César. What happened to the actor?

Michel Boujenahhe is a great actor in French comedy but it is also a phenomenon of which he himself is his own victim. This is what he made known recently at the table of Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine. On the set of It’s up to you the continuation for the promotion of the miser in which he plays the role of Aragon at the Théâtre des Variétés in Paris, the actor has strange revelations who did not leave his interlocutors unmoved.

In effect, the one who recently teased Cyril Hanouna would suffer from insomnia. A disorder that led the Franco-Tunisian comedian to a strange mania. To find sleep, he would have recourse to a method of which he revealed the secret on his Instagram account. In a hilarious video, this one performs purchases of unusual objects whose usefulness he himself does not know, such as a shrimp fishing net. “I have insomnia, and when I can’t read anymore, I can’t write anymore, I travel on the Internet and I come across stuff. But the number of things I bought, which are useless, you cannot imagine! I need to be locked up, I need to be treated for this!“, he confided to the columnists, visibly amused by this occ of the order of compulsive buying. What new original piece will he set his sights on?

A medical shoot

This Sunday, January 1, 2023, Michel Boujenah took place in the red sofa of Michael Drucker. A face-to-face interview during which the actor delivered a surprising anecdote. Asked by his host about the shooting of the film Three men and a bassinet directed by Coline Serreau with whom he dreamed of collaborating, the latter entrusted a small absurd detail that is worth its weight in gold. Injured during filming in the genital areathe actor had to be operated on urgently in stride. Barely back on his feet, the actor whom nothing can stop (not even the covid-19 virus), immediately put on his stage costume to play the role of Michel next to Philippine Leroy Beaulieu and Andre Dussollier. “It was a film that was made with three francs fifty, we could cancel the day of shooting. There was too much money at stake. I shoot while lying in bed with doctors around me [..] I have diapers since they have just operated on me“, he explains, laughing.

Forced to wear nappies during part of the shoot, he changed his acting to maintain consistency in his approach: “Gradually I already have less and less pain but I can no longer walk normally since I started the film walking like a duck since I had diapers“. And to conclude: “I had a Caesar because my neck hurt“. An anecdote that will never remain etched in the annals!

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