Michel Fugain extremely moved after his Live from the universe

Michel Fugain extremely moved after his Live from the universe

A distinguished guest was the jubilee ofLive from the universe Saturday night. None other than the great Michel Fugain was on the set of France Beaudoin to relive his memories and his favorites in song.

Of the whole history ofLive from the universeMonsieur Fugain was only the second French personality to be celebrated in this way, after Mika, who had experienced the experience in January 2020.

The team of had the privilege of slipping behind the scenes of the popular show on Saturday, and was able to collect “on the spot” the reaction of a Michel Fugain devilishly moved by the intense moment he had just experienced. An hour strewn with surprises, where artists such as Véronic DiCaire, Garou, Catherine Major, Normand Brathwaite and Robert Charlebois, to name a few, paid tribute to this sacred 80-year-old monster, some on site in Montreal, d others through a video. His spouse Sanda Alexandru-Fugain also offered him a gem from his repertoire, “I won’t have time”, accompanied by his daughter Jessica and Catherine Major on the piano.

Generous, the legendary singer, voice of the immortal hits “A beautiful story”, “Attention ladies and gentlemen”, “Sing”, “Do like the bird”, “Spring” and other “Bravo monsieur le monde”, even offered a performance as an extension on the social networks ofLive from the universewithout rehearsing beforehand.

Michel Fugain almost lacked the words to share his enthusiasm once the curtain fell.

I more than enjoyed the experience “, he confided to us, his eyes still shining, while everyone crowded around him to thank him and congratulate him.

It’s impossible to resist that, it’s too strong! It’s a lot of emotion, a lot of talent… In terms of music, how does this guy [le directeur musical Jean-Benoît Lasanté, NDLR] put it all together, it’s deep. It goes back a long, long way. When I hear Véronic [DiCaire] sing “Over The Rainbow”, I know where it comes from…”

Michel Fugain affirms that he did not know ” no way », the concept ofLive from the universe before becoming its heart on Saturday.

It seems that I had already sung once on this show, but I only have a vague memory of it. In fact, I don’t have a quarter of an hour of memory, apart from my personal memories (laughs). But that is unforgettable. Almost all the people I love were there, here or in pictures… »

The man calls all the guests who paid tribute to him ” great friends “.

It’s easy to make friends in Quebec! They are beautiful people. When Robert [Charlebois] sings “A very ordinary being…”, he is anything but ordinary! »

Michel Fugain will be performing in Quebec in April and May 2023, in the wake of his tour Michel Fugain goes bandapart. He will perform in particular in Montreal, Quebec, Gatineau, Laval, Saint-Eustache and Trois-Rivières.

It lasts two and a quarter hours. We talk, we chat, it’s a show I like to do! “, specified Michel Fugain about this new singing tour.

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