Michel Houellebecq retires

Michel Houellebecq retires

His remarks offended the Muslim community, well writer Michel Houellebecq retires. The author Submission and from Serotonin met the rector of the great Paris mosque and at the end of this interview, he promised to correct some remarks the litigation he led against the Muslims.

The situation was unblocked by the spontaneous mediation of the Chief Rabbi of France. In his presence, Michel Houellebecq and the rector of the great Paris mosque met for 6 hours. The writer explained that some of his remarks might seem simple. He undertook to specify them in order not to offend Muslims in a book that will consolidate his entire conversation with Michel Onfray.

Let’s recall two passages that were the motive rector’s complaint : Houellebecq predicted acts of resistance and the upside-down Bataclan against the Muslims. He believed that the “class French” did not want the assimilation of Muslims, but simply that they would stop stealing, attacking, and even leaving.

The rector suspends his appeal, but will wait for the publication of the corrected text for permanent withdrawal. Michel Houellebecq, said that he was genuinely relieved and happy about this outcome.

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