Michel Polnareff at Star Academy: what was not shown on TV during his performance

Michel Polnareff at Star Academy: what was not shown on TV during his performance

On November 26, during the grand finale of the star academyMichel Polnareff came to sing his piece Letter to France on the scene. But one detail was not shown on television during this performance…

The tenth season of star academy, whose audiences have delighted the leaders of TF1ended on a high note. On Saturday, November 26, for the grand finale of the tele-hook, great stars of the song agreed to come and sing with the students. Among them ? Lara Fabian, who resumed her tube I like you with Leah, Robbie Williamscame in his capacity as sponsor of the season, or even Michael Polnareff, who offered viewers a moment suspended in time thanks to his piece Letter to Francetaken up on the piano with all the finalists. But, as always, some have found cause for controversy.

During the performance, many Internet users have indeed suspected the footage to have been recorded beforehand. The reason ? Anisha, who got her hair wet just before performing Rolled with Soprano, had an impeccable brushing. It was enough to arouse the suspicions of Internet users, convinced that his hairstyle could not have been arranged so quickly.Anisha, she took a shower 30 seconds ago, and we find her now with a perfect brushing, there wouldn’t be a recorded sequence there ?”, “Is it live with Polnareff? Anisha changed and dried in less than a minute, I can’t believe it”could we read on the Web.

Michel Polnareff would have trouble walking

However, according to Anisha’s explanations, the sequence was indeed broadcast live. But then, how did she manage to recover such an impeccable blow-dry in such a short time? “For ten minutes there were at least three people on my hair to dry and curl. It was work that even I thought was unimaginable and yet it was. It was crazy,” she explained in the columns of Tele-Leisure.

On the other hand, a detail would not have been shown on television during this performance: having difficulty moving, Michel Polnareff would have been helped to take place on the set. Indeed, it would have happened”to push” on stage thanks tohis piano mounted on wheels”why he wouldn’t get up at the end of his performance. A physical disability that did not prevent him from delivering a high-flying performance.

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