Michel Polnareff at war with Anne Hidalgo? The surprising message of the singer

Michel Polnareff at war with Anne Hidalgo? The surprising message of the singer

Tuesday January 3, Michel Polnareff published a surprising message on social networks. The singer obviously does not understand why Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, decided to block him on Twitter.

The end of 2022 marked the unexpected return of one of the great voices of French song. Four years after his last album, which already marked his return to music after almost 30 years of absence, Michel Polnareff has decided to offer an album of covers of his greatest hits in piano-voice. As a result, the most famous white glasses in the world have appeared everywhere: in the final of the star academy, in interviews and even throughouta special evening that France 2 dedicated to him last month. An evening that had disappointed his fanssince the 78-year-old singer seemed to have used playback for most of his performances. A few days later, it was on the stage of W9 gold that he was acting up again, mocking Marc Lavoine for his famous kiss in the final of the Star Ac’.

“Very surprised by this reaction”

But the return of Michel Polnareff has also resulted in an increased presence on social networks, where he does not hesitate to give your opinion on the newshe who had notably tackled the French tax system after having decided to go into exile in the United States. Annoyed by the insults of Internet users, he had decided in 2016 to leave all social networks. But this Tuesday, it is for a much more surprising reason that he published a new message on his Twitter account. The singer has indeed realized that Anne Hidalgo … had blocked his account, preventing him from seeing or commenting on its content. It was enough for the artist to make fun of the mayor of Paris: Very surprised by this reactionmaybe she is angry with me for having created “Letter to France” and not “Letter to Paris” he writes in reference to his tube. After having translated his message into Spanish for an astonishing reason (a spade at the origins of the former candidate for the Élysée?), Michel Polnareff concludes with a play on words: “But in any case, it weighs on Elton” he adds. As lunar as his universe.

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