Michel Polnareff beaten with a belt by his father: “I forgave …”

Michel Polnareff beaten with a belt by his father: “I forgave …”

Michel Polnareff is back on the front of the stage with an album that revisits, in piano-voice, his most beautiful hits. When he was little, the artist imagined, however, becoming a little more rock’n’roll…

Michel Polnareff is back in Paris, far from his Californian desert, located in Palm Springs, to promote his cleverly titled new album Polnareff sings Polnareff. And for good reason. In this new opus, the 78-year-old artist gets closer to his successes, period 1966-1972, to offer a sublime piano-voice re-interpretation of his most beautiful titles, twelve in total. Goodbye Marylou, The Doll Who Says No, Le Bal des Laze, Under Which Star Was I Born?… If he hesitated for a long time before embarking on this exercise, he ended up registering it in record time, only three months, under the impetus of his new manager Serge Khalifa.

At first I thought to myself, but wait, why am I going to do this? If I take back my iconic stuff, everyone will think I’m out of inspirationexplains the singer with the legendary glasses, in the columns of the Sunday newspaper. And then I let myself be convinced“Music is his whole life. Michel Polnareff learned the classic with his father, an immigrant from Odessa and pianist author for Edith Piaf. Then, when he entered into rebellion by discovering rock, he entered in conflict with his father, especially when he wanted to rub shoulders with the repertoire of Elvis Prestley, his idol.

I forgave after twenty years

I was not allowed to listen to it at homehe says. I remember (…)

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