Michel Polnareff exceeded on the set of “C à vous”

Michel Polnareff exceeded on the set of “C à vous”

VIDEO – The singer of Letter to France was live on the show stage. He took advantage of this intervention to return to the controversy between him and his producer.

The broadcast of this Friday, November 18 began with a blunder ofAnne-Elisabeth Lemoine. At the end of Michel Polnareff’s performance, the presenter introduced him by calling him “Michel Nareff”, which triggered a fit of laughter on the France 5 set. However, the talk show did not not continued in the same tone.

The singer took advantage of his speech to return to the controversy he had suffered six years earlier. Indeed, in 2016 he had interrupted, in spite of himself, his national tour by canceling his last concerts at the Salle Pleyel in Paris. His state of health had required hospitalization and the doctors had also committed his vital prognosis. However, this justification had not convinced everyone, in particular its producer at the time, Gilbert Coullier. The latter accused him of pretending to be sick so as not to ensure the end of his tour.

“Michel Polnareff, liar?”

And several years later, Michel Polnareff still does not seem to have turned the page on this unfortunate story. “The thing that shocked me the most – we talked about it on the phone – was the liner, which said “Michel Polnareff, liar?” Recalled the singer to Patrick Cohen. The journalist had dealt with the controversy even if he affirms, embarrassed, that he has no memory of it. “But I don’t! I know the liner didn’t come from you. I completely understand, I respect that you did an investigation, that you asked questions, tempers the artist even if he insists: I found you very suspicious of the truth“.

Disconcerted, Patrick Cohen tried to defend himself by arguing that he had raised the case more to question the communication but in no case his state of health. “The real story is that Gilbert Coullier, for whom you were leaning, it was his own truth that was false. It was later discovered that his real reason for not wanting to believe in the story was because he hadn’t taken out insurance, revealed Michel Polnareff before adding: But how can we doubt the word of Dr. Siou, who is an authority and of the American hospital? How can you say that I wear pale. It’s incredible», the 78-year-old singer is indignant. And when Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine asked him if he was still “offended” by this controversy, the singer denied it altogether. “It didn’t upset me, I found it incredible to be practically dying and that it is said that you were called pale so as not to do the Salle Pleyel», he concluded, largely annoyed by this episode.

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