Michel Sardou back “only for the money”? Her famous brother-in-law speaks out

Michel Sardou back “only for the money”? Her famous brother-in-law speaks out

While Michel Sardou has just announced his return to the stage, some have wondered about his motivations. Questions to which his brother-in-law answered without waffling.

Michel Sardou goes return to the stage. The 75-year-old singer broke the good news to his fans this Thursday, November 10 in The Parisian. Amazing information since the artist announced his retirement and performed a farewell tour in 2017–18. His “thank you” tour will pass through the biggest venues in France and will run from October 2023 to March 2024.

Some criticisms were raised following this announcement, some stating that the singer would be back “only for the money”. His brother-in-law, Jean-Marie Périer, famous photographer and brother of his wife, Anne-Marie Périerspoke on the subject on his Instagram account this Friday, November 11. In a post accompanied by a long caption, the one who also made films confided what this return to the stage meant: “Like all artists who have lived from their passion, it is difficult to do without it”.

I’m sure that’s not the case.”

And Jean-Marie Périer goes further in his thinking, he who 100% supports the decision of Michel Sardou : “If he had decided to stop three years ago, it was also perhaps out of respect for his public. “Do I still have the voice to go so high? (His songs sometimes go up high in the treble.) Can I physically move according to my habits?” » he adds, before firmly stating: “The only tour too many is the one we do only for the money. I’m sure that’s not the case. »

The one who has photographed the greatestfrom the Beatles to Bob Dylan Passing by Francoise Hardy and Claude Francois or Claudia Schifferalso says that “Drastically changing your life is not always as simple as you think”. On a more personal note, he says: “I can’t do it myself. » And to conclude with special attention for fans of the interpreter of “Lakes of Connemara”: “It’s all the more obvious for Michel, since coming back makes a lot of people happy. And especially to my sister, this reason alone is enough, right? So, have a good trip my friend! » The post has been appreciated since in barely ten hours, more than 2,400 people have pressed the “like” button. Michel Sardou can hit the road again, his fans are still there.

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