Michel Sardou threatened with blackmail, this dispute with Anne-Marie, his wife

Michel Sardou threatened with blackmail, this dispute with Anne-Marie, his wife

Although treated differently for being a model couple, Michel Sardou threatened with blackmail tells what happened with his wife. They’ve been together for years now and the singer opened up about his private life.

Michel Sardou and his musical retirement

A few years ago Michel Sardou made the decision to leave the musical world. The great singer did like many others, he said to himself that he had done enough. He had therefore ceded some of his songs to the younger generations and he retired in silence. However, Michel Sardou was able to concentrate on his other passion which is none other than the theatre.

During all these adventures, one constant remained in his life, and that was his wife, Anne-Marie. The couple were among the most respected. Rarely, the singer did not denounce details that could harm the credibility of his couple.

Michel Sardou threatened with blackmail

Michel Sardou is a great thinker. He always drew inspiration from what he saw and experienced every day. His music reflected part of his soul and the gears of his mind. When he retired from music, he found himself face to face with himself, and above all with a daily life he had to get used to.

The singer was angry, with all these degradations and all these restrictions. He said he grew up in a time that many regretted. According to him, the fact of not being safe any longer made him cramped. A difficult situation that he does not hide that he hates. This could make him irritable, as his wife says, who couldn’t take it anymore.

This dispute with Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie could no longer bear her moods and would have forced him to make his musical comeback. Michel Sardou should therefore return to the stage in October 2023. A rather surprising situation given the reasons that led the singer to withdraw.

During an interview, however, he said he was forced to come back on stage, even threatened, because his wife could no longer support him. A decision that made us happy, even if Michel Sardou affirms that he was blackmailed.

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