Michèle Fontecave published her first novel: “Labyrinth of a Life”

Michèle Fontecave published her first novel: “Labyrinth of a Life”

The author puts into words her encounters, the lives she crossed in real life or during genealogical research, the remarks that marked her and the questions that pervaded her.

Those who know Michèle Fontecave, and there are many such in the city, know the high verb, the formula that hits the target and especially rich and precise texts. He should have been told: “With those emails you’re writing, you should think about writing a novel!”, for the idea to come to life, so he contacted him with the desire to concretize the project that was trotting in the corner of his head. She decides to express in words her encounters, the lives she crossed in real life or during her genealogical research, the remarks that marked her, the questions that pervaded her.

All these elements become a novel that depicts “those decisions that we make regularly and that affect the meaning of our lives. They are not necessarily good or bad, but once they are made, they lead us on, a bit like strands of straw in a mountain stream”.

Michèle Fontecave therefore spent four years writing her works, on Sunday afternoons, like a bubble of time reserved for her creativity, without any real desire to publish. Another helping hand from fate, a friend with whom she talks about writing and who asks her to read her manuscript: “So I had to speed up the process to finish my text!”. The same friend is seduced by his writing, offers to hand it over to his publisher, who also falls under its spell, and here it is finally from the press “The Labyrinth of a Life”, with this subtitle that cannot leave one indifferent” what is it for?”. “I never wrote in my imagination, but I found myself doing it with ease. The names of the characters came to me by themselves, the reactions of my heroine and her assistants came by themselves. The teenage girl settled in front of my keyboard .. A vague memory that it needs to be installed on the first line and everything is gone. It was a pleasure to create from scratch and dress up the emerging silhouette with character traits, move it in believable situations, follow it to stay on course….”.

Through the novel, we follow the adventures of Domino, the heroine of a life that presents us with a challenge, like a mirror in which our opposites, our desires and their reality appear. A life in 7 chapters, 7 stages, 7 major turning points in which she is driven towards a new future, but which could also have ended in a different direction.

“What’s life even about?”

At each crucial moment in her heroine’s life, Michèle steps aside and offers us a possible life path that Domino didn’t choose… and then continues on her own path, one that she chose for different reasons. Who never questioned his own path saying “what is life all about?”. The text is punctuated by Domino’s hesitation: she wonders about the choices to be made, and also questions us about our ability to pull ourselves out of the vortex of our own existence and trust our instincts, the faithful compass of the decisions she makes. novel. When you know Michèle Fontecave, and there are many of us, reading her work is very unsettling: one often wonders how to distinguish between autofiction and invention. As a good watercolorist, her color palette comes from herself and her life, but the truth stops there: the water from the brush of her imagination made the rest of the panel. To share Domino’s journey, his adventures are available from Calmy Bookstore, the Cap Béar Editions website and on order from all booksellers.

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