Michelle Obama talks about menopause in a new book – La Nouvelle Tribune

Michelle Obama talks about menopause in a new book – La Nouvelle Tribune

The former First Lady of the United States will soon make available to women her new book entitled ” The light we carry “. This is a book that deals with the manifestations of menopause. As an introduction to the next launch, it reveals the effects of this evil reserved for the fairer sex. During an interview she gave to People magazine, Michelle Obama shared her experience.

Confiding to her colleagues, Barack Obama’s wife said that she, like all women, suffered from the consequences of menopause. According to her, there is not enough information on this topic and it is often not easy to get over it. Returning to her example, she explains that she was not a victim of all the main symptoms of this disease, which are mainly mood swings. On the other hand, she claims that she could not avoid the weight gain that leads to menopause.

Manage menopause with ease

In addition, in order to help her peers properly deal with this evil that often appears after the age of 50, and for some even much earlier, Michelle Obama decided to make available to women the secrets related to menopause, which were previously unknown or rare. In his message, he admits that there are many things that those suffering from this disease ignore. Her work therefore compensates for this lack of information, and by appropriating it, women will be able to more easily manage this moment of their lives that has been imposed on them.

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