Mick Jagger launches a line of harmonicas

Mick Jagger launches a line of harmonicas

Mick Jagger has announced the launch of his line of harmonicas.

In a statement obtained by NME, the Rolling Stones frontman revealed he has teamed up with Lee Oskar and Whynow Music to create a line of limited-edition harmonicas. Calling the project “fantastic news,” he commented, “Hopefully some of these will fall into the hands of young harmonica players who will turn out to be the legends of the future.”

The musician has created harmonicas in ten different keys, with each instrument costing £49.99 (about $82 Canadian). 2,500 units will be produced in total.

Addressing his own experience with the instrument, Mick Jagger revealed, “I started learning the harmonica after hearing blues greats such as Little Walter and Sonny Boy Williamson. Since then I have played harmonica on so many tracks and at countless gigs over the years.”

His collaborator Lee Oskar said he was “thrilled” to work with the singer.

“When I started Lee Oskar Harmonicas with Tombo in 1983, it was my dream to create harmonicas that would not only exceed my standards, but would also be adopted by other music professionals,” reads his statement. The 79-year-old musician added: “It’s a dream come true that someone with the success and artistry of Mick Jagger chooses our harmonica system. I am honored to be part of this very special collaboration.”

Mick Jagger’s range of harmonicas are available and the instruments will ship February 8th.

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