Millie Bobby Brown, Tom Holland, Lena Mahfouf… These stars who left social networks

Millie Bobby Brown, Tom Holland, Lena Mahfouf… These stars who left social networks

The ransom of glory. Social networks have allowed stars to address their thousands – sometimes millions – of admirers without intermediaries. But, on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even Tik Tok, singers, actors, influencers also face hatred from Internet users. Targets of criticism, even insults or harassment, many of them have decided to move away from social networks to protect themselves. For a time or permanently.

Last August, Tom Holland told his Instagram followers he was taking a break “I get overwhelmed and spin when I read about myself on social media,” he explained in a video. And to add: “It affects my mental health. »

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Twitter, a “toxic site”

The network that stars desert the most: Twitter. “Riverdale” actress Lili Reinhartsinger Benjamin Biolay and host Karine Le Marchand left the blue bird network after receiving too many hate messages.

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Criticized on her physique, on her outfits or even on her couple, Lena Mahfouf, aka Lena Situations, deleted her Twitter account in December 2021: “I can’t control what people think and say about me, on the other hand I can control the impact it has on me “, explained the influencer. Same observation on the side of Hailey Baldwin, who left Twitter in March 2021: “I no longer have Twitter because there is not really a time when I opened the app and I did not felt it was a toxic environment. »

Stars preserve their sanity

If she is still on Instagram, Hailey Baldwin imposes strict rules for her mental health. For example, she only allows herself to scroll on the network on weekends. Other stars have opted out of managing their accounts themselves. This is the case of actress Millie Bobby Brown who left her networks to her team or even of singer Selena Gomezwho, after taking a break, decided to no longer manage his networks. “Taking a break from social media was the best decision I made for my mental health,” she said in an interview with “InStyle” magazine. And to add: “I am much happier, I am in the present moment, I connect more with people. I feel normal. »

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