Mohafid signs a new book

Mohafid signs a new book

Mohafid Jamal, Doctor of Laws and author, has just published his latest book entitled: ” From a wall magazine to a Facebook wall».

Last week it happened at the cinema “Renaissance” in Rabat, the consecration ceremony with the presence of numerous personalities from the world of culture, art and the press.

Before the book signing, several people came forward to comment on this new work. The writer Mourad Kadiri, as well as Khadija Mezouari, Aïcha Tazi or Rachid Sebbahi emphasized the importance of this book that follows the transition from one generation to another in terms of communication.

It should be noted that Jamal Mohafid, doctor of law and writer, is a member of the Executive Board of the Moroccan Journalist Club and several educational and cultural associations. He previously held the position of information director at MAP.

He has already written several books including:Press and politics”, “Union performance in the press” and “Political mentality and journalistic mentality”. The second work in progress is called:
“Question of Information at Allal El Fassi”.

It should be noted that this ceremony is organized in partnership with the Moroccan Journalists’ Club and the Hiba Foundation.

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