Moissac. Pascal Moreno presented “Le myth assassin” at Chaumerliac bookstore

Moissac. Pascal Moreno presented “Le myth assassin” at Chaumerliac bookstore

Without a value judgment, some lives are more fulfilling than others. Some parade leisurely, like a family car on a Sunday, on a nice road of the department, others are faced with sudden drops and abysses. Sometimes we come out bruised, scarred, but necessarily improved, enriched. This metaphor perfectly suits the author Pascal Moren, who long before the peace found on the slopes of Montagudet near Lauzerte, experienced a life of movements and encounters that culminated in a very dramatic event at the end of the years. fellow athletes and backpackers on the banks of the Marañón River in search of the sources of the Amazon River by rafting, a set of circumstances will save his life, as three of his assistants will never return from this trip. But we will not reveal anything about his fascinating work “The murderer myth”, published a few weeks ago by Lys Bleu. Conceived and edited at once as a book of research, adventure and metaphysical introspection, the work captures the reader in this peregrination on the borders of Peru and Ecuador, where sometimes violent reality (trade in ores, metals) mixes with disturbing mythology. indigenous tribes. If the story of this initial journey evokes in us the memory of our childhood evenings immersed in the albums of Tintin’s adventures, it evokes the very real drama (still unresolved) that Pascal lived through and the two decades he spent trying to unravel the tangle, years full of journeys and encounters. The author of “Le mythe assassin” was presented and signed at the Chaumerliac bookstore, rue Sainte-Catherine in Moissac, where you can get it for a moment of rapturous reading, and why not put it under the Christmas tree.

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