Mona Chollet, autobiography of a collector – Liberation

Mona Chollet, autobiography of a collector – Liberation

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In his book “D’images et d’eau fraîche”, the successful essayist indulges in the scopic pleasure of collecting and allows himself an even more intimate journey of self-discovery through the prism of images.

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Pictures and fresh water is a separate work in the corpus of Mona Chollet. This is perhaps his most personal book, his most instinctive essay. It is not surprising, moreover, that she allows herself this step aside by publishing with another publisher, Flammarion, instead of her historic house, La Découverte, where she experienced, with her rigorous and personal essays, as witchesgreat bestsellers and great critical acclaim. Pictures and fresh water is an intimate foray into Mona Chollet’s personal gallery, the one she finds during her virtual wanderings on Pinterest, Tumblr or Flickr.

A greedy, insatiable online artist, Mona Chollet professes a certain penchant for classification, so on each of these pages she compiles thematic tables: “Bedrooms”, “Houses”, “Women” or even the less assumed “Cats”. These pictures, it seems to her that shereside”, as she theorizes at the end of her book. So instead of being interested, as she did in her essay Chez Soi, an odyssey of domestic space

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