“Monsters of Verity – Volume 1”: VE Schwab ranks men among the most monstrous creatures

“Monsters of Verity – Volume 1”: VE Schwab ranks men among the most monstrous creatures

Anne “Rowenabookine”, blogger etc contribution reader groups 20 minute booksI recommend you Monsters of Verity – Volume 1 This song by Savage by VE Schwab, published on October 13, 2022 in the magazine Editions Lumen.

His favorite quote:

“Good” and “bad” were not strong enough words. Monsters didn’t care about intentions or ideals.

Why this book?

  • Because VE Schwab is leading us into a dystopia a delightful young adult. A world where men’s violence has spawned monsters. Three types of monsters, Corsai, Malchai and Sunai. From the smallest to the strongest, according to the violence that gave birth to them.
  • Because villains aren’t always who you think they are. The author brilliantly plays with the concept of good and evil. It’s not just the monsters that are the villains of the story, just as humans can be worse than monsters. A book that makes you think about what violence can cause in our world.
  • Because the heroes are very well built. Contrasted with each other, they do not come from the same world at all. The daughter of Harker, the one who protects people only for money, who is a man like a monster. And Auguste who lives in the Sub District, protected by Flynn and his special forces who watch over the population, a monster with a pure heart.
  • Since music is very present in the story, it can kill as well as mitigate evils. I liked that ubiquitous presence, a touch of sweetness, poetry in the darkness.

The most important in 2 minutes

Action. A city inhabited by monsters born from human violence. The city was divided into two parts after the war. A temporary truce, but Auguste will be sent to escort Kate’s return to prevent a possible end to this truce.

Characters. Kate, the daughter of the Harker leader who controls the northern district, returns to town. She was sent to Colton to study. Auguste, young Sunai, Flynn’s son who takes care of the southern district is sent there to look after her. Everyone is against them, and yet they will have to come together.

Places. V-Ciry the capital of Verity, a dystopian world city. Divided into two districts, in the north, you have to pay for your safety, but you don’t see that the world is occupied by monsters, there is a peaceful life there. Residents are protected by special forces on the southern side. But life is more difficult there.

Time. Undoubtedly, our time is not very specific.

Author. VE Schwab is an American fantasy writer.

This book was read with chills and thoughts. Finally, human violence breeds watches. Although it is a dystopia, we can easily imagine ourselves in this book, especially with the violence that currently reigns in our world.

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