Montauban. Dedication of the book “Harcelée”, by J. Boyé

Montauban. Dedication of the book “Harcelée”, by J. Boyé

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Jaqueline Boyé came to sign her latest book “Harcelée”.

People have such a need for meetings and exchanges that many of them came to the signing organized by Jacqueline Boyé for the release of her latest book “Harcelée”.

Over a gourmet aperitif organized by the town hall, Jacqueline Boyé answered a number of questions before catching writer’s cramp by signing each book with a sympathetic dedication. The writer says she appreciates the after-sales service, explaining that she will deliver it to people who, unable to travel, order it from her.

(Greetings! 05 63 63 51 35 or 06 03 27 77 08).

– I really like doing it, it’s very nice, these meetings are always extremely pleasant and humanly enriching. The book is also on sale in bookstores and at FNAC. Inspired by a true story, Jacqueline Boyé evokes the serious phenomenon of harassment that affects Agatha, a true woman with (thankfully) a strong character that allows her to cope. Far from being limited to this tragic case, the novel depicts the toxic consequences that plague a society dominated by violence, selfishness and money.

Always in search of current events, the novelist finely dissects human feelings, emphasizing the consequences of a terrible plague without accepting it as inevitable. Like all of Jacqueline Boyé’s novels, this dark novel begins with a glimmer of hope.

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