Montcuq-en-Quercy-Blanc. Two guest authors from Halle aux livres

Montcuq-en-Quercy-Blanc. Two guest authors from Halle aux livres

On Friday, October 28, at the Montcuq media library, at the invitation of the Halle aux livres association, two authors were received. The author Hervé Commère came to present “Les intrépides”, his ninth and last novel written during his imprisonment, published in March by Fleuve Editions. It tells the story of the tenants of a building that its owner put up for sale. Those who haven’t spoken will unite, get to know each other and embark on adventures as funny as they are explosive in order to keep their place. This beautiful moment of reading, full of humanity, optimism and above all humor, represents to Hervé Commère, the author of thrillers until then, a passage into the general literature that the readers of Montcuquois greatly appreciate. “I don’t consider myself exclusively the author of detective novels, he told them. I simply tell stories. I don’t want to be confined in style”.

For his part, the novelist Sophie Loubière, invited to several media libraries of Lot as part of a live reading of her noir novel “Cinq cartes brûlées”, returned to Montcuq on the occasion of this literary meeting.

Both writers spoke about the key issues they face. They talked about writing, building a book, and especially about the restrictions and rules imposed by publishers. Because if “Intrépides” had very positive feedback from readers and is a source of satisfaction for its author, it is, on the other hand, a disappointment in publishing. It sold less well than his previous thrillers like “Sauf” or “What we need is a dead man”. The two authors also talked at length with their audience about selling the copyright to adapt one of their novels for film or television, a situation each of them has faced. This warm and very informative evening ended with a signing.

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