“More and more difficult”: Julien Clerc cash on the drop in his income

“More and more difficult”: Julien Clerc cash on the drop in his income

Passing through Marseille as part of his tour Happy DaysJulien Clerc gave an interview to Provence this November 15. The singer then spoke of the drop in his income, which he said was due to streaming platforms.

In his album Happy Dayswho gave the name to his tour, Julien Clerc took up his own hits as well as titles from monuments of French song. Gilbert Becaud, Yves Montand, Charles AznavourBarbara… All these artists represent in a way there “Soundtrack from his childhoodas he explained to Provence. The one who recently sang on the set of the star academy listen to them regularly, and for that, it does not pass”not really” by the radio. “I listen like everyone else on the platforms“, said the one whose the girl Vanille also launched into the song. And to continue by speaking without filter on his drop in income: “Unfortunately, I participate in the fact that it will become more and more difficult to make a living from our profession. Apart from the rap people, with the kids who click! When we look at our copyrights, compared to what we perceived before, it’s ridiculous“.

Julien Clerc has chosen to “adapt” to change

Husband of Hélène Grémillon does not wish to appear defeatist for all that. For him, it is important to tame this way of listening to music instead of feeling sorry for himself. “Habits are changing always consider change and adapt to itbecause there is always a creative side to it“, explained the one who adopted the daughter of Patrick Dewaere. “I continue to do what I have always done. When the time comes to compose, which for me is around May-June, because I’m going to shoot until then, I’ll get back to it“, he added.

At 75, the singer remains inspired and does not intend to retire from music anytime soon. “Me, I’m here to create. As long as I am given the possibility, I will do it, that is to say as long as music comes to me when I am at my piano“, he said. As soon as his concerts are over, he will get back to work!

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