More and more Quebecers are subscribing to paid online video platforms

More and more Quebecers are subscribing to paid online video platforms

A quarter of Quebec Internet users (24%) subscribe to at least three paid online video platforms, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. This is an increase of 6 percentage points in one year and 20 percentage points since 2019.

This is revealed by a survey released Thursday by NETendances. In particular, we learn that for a second consecutive year, the subscription rate to paid online viewing platforms (68%) exceeds that of cable or fiber optic television services (65%).

Even though Netflix remains the most popular streaming platform in Quebec, for the first time it recorded a decline in its subscription rate, which fell from 57% to 51% in one year.

For its part, Amazon Prime Video saw its subscription rate increase from 29% in 2021 to 34% in 2022. It is the platform that has recorded the strongest growth since 2019.

Disney+ and Crave are the platforms whose subscription rate has increased the most over the past year (respectively from 18% to 24% and from 8% to 14%).

As for subscriptions to the Club Illico (14%) and ICI TOU.TV Extra (8%) platforms, they remained relatively stable compared to 2021.

Data reported in the survey shows that around a third of subscribers to the three most popular platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+) say they are “fairly” or “very likely” to cancel their subscription to the over the next 12 months.

Subscribers to the Amazon Prime Video platform are the most likely to have indicated this possibility (33%), followed by subscribers to Netflix (29%) and Disney+ (28%).

“These results confirm the trend currently observed in the United States to the effect that subscribers to paid online viewing platforms are increasingly unfaithful”, underlined the spokesperson for the NETendances surveys at the ATN, Bruno Guglielminetti. .

The survey also shows that more than half of current Netflix subscribers (55%) are interested in the new, cheaper subscription package that includes advertising, while 40% are unwilling to join.

Slightly more than half of Quebec adults (53%) indicated that they felt they spent too much time in front of screens (television, computer, electronic tablet or smart phone), while this percentage reached 62% among adults who subscribed to paid online viewing services. Adults aged 18-24 (75%) and those aged 25-34 (73%) are the most likely to say they feel this way.

The survey, conducted by the Academy of Digital Transformation (ATN) of Laval University, was carried out among 1,210 adult Internet users in Quebec from October 5 to 30, 2022.

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