Music: Bill Clinton Kalonji denounces the obscure plan hidden behind Ferre Gola’s “Dynasty” album against Fally Ipupa!

Music: Bill Clinton Kalonji denounces the obscure plan hidden behind Ferre Gola’s “Dynasty” album against Fally Ipupa!

In an interview granted last Saturday to a channel broadcasting on the YouTube platform, the one who is considered the best host of all time according to several polls, Bill Clinton Kalonji did not go by the back of the spoon to denounce and explain what delayed the release of one of the most anticipated albums in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Question for him to put an end to speculation.

According to him, the idea taken by Padre Ferre Gola was excellent, but behind it he had other intentions. For the man of ”No Stress” (Editor’s note: the title of Bill Clinton’s new album), Ferre Gola would have brought together his former teammates from Wenge Maison Mère in order to not only remain focused for a purely artistic project, but also to form a front around him to fight all along the line the artist Fally Ipupa, who is considered to be the main adversary of ”Jesus of the Nuances”, with as the general of ”Free insults”, Celeo Scram. And the latter is already immersed in his dirty work.

“Everything was going very well, until I was called a coward by Celeo Scram and the fans of Ferre Gola, because I don’t want to come into conflict with anyone, specifically my colleague Fally Ipupa. At the start, we gave ourselves a line of conduct, with artistically well-defined objectives. As time passed, I realized that this union had other parallel goals, that’s when I decided not to be part of this ridiculous and insane plan, “ said Bill Clinton.

According to Mackintosh, after his press conference before the release of his album, he was informed that the “Dynasty” project would have been destroyed at the studio level. In the process, the excerpt from the project was leaked with the part sung by Bill Clinton, amputated from his dedications to Werrason and some of his partners; amputation done by his friends, mainly Celeo Scram. What Clinton considers as a disappointment and a lack of respect towards their artistic progenitor.

“I was completely unaware that this was part of their complicity in announcing this news to me. More than a year, in order not to lose my relations, I had decided to recover some of my cries being works of spirit and I threw them in my album. At the same time, I learn the release of the credits of the album Dynastie. Real theatre. I want to make it clear to Celeo that, I am not Ferre Gola’s spokesperson, we came to help him, better to work on a project of the WMMM alumni, and that does not make us his foals. I’m not going to go very low to his level. Even if Ferre calls me today, I won’t go back there again,” Spoon blurted out.

One opinion questions the reason for Celeo’s inappropriate behavior and actions against Fally Ipupa. Losing speed and bearings, according to several observers, this artist would have taken the path of insults, useless conflicts, to stay in the news through badbuzz in particular. The clip of his last credits “Kombe Kombe”, “Aigle” in French, demonstrates his animosity against Fally Ipupa. How far will “Mr. Poutine” go when we know the toad’s saliva cannot reach the eagle in full flight?

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