Music composed by Swiss in “Emily in Paris” and “Le Serpent” –

Music composed by Swiss in “Emily in Paris” and “Le Serpent” –

Some music in “Emily in Paris” and “Le Serpent”, successful series on the Netflix platform, are signed by Swiss men and women. Despite the global audience, composers do not necessarily hit the jackpot.

On Netflix, the series ‘”Emily in Paris” breaks audience records. Proof of this: since the launch of season 3 at the end of December, many English people have been wondering how to move to Paris. According to the real estate valuation site GetAgent, quoted by The Parisian“online searches for moving to Paris jumped 1416% compared to last week”.

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Real estate is not the only area to ride the success of the series (read also framed). The music happens, momentarily, to take advantage of it. The captivating voice of Geneva’s Anissa from Bandit Voyage accompanies the last episode of season 3. “We were contacted by reservations and festivals. So there were some nice elements related to ‘Emily in Paris’ that happened”, indicates Anissa Cadelli, Thursday in the 7:30 p.m. of the RTS.

And the other member of the group, Robin Girod, added: “We had been warned that there would be more listens to our music. On the clip, for example, there are lots of comments like, ‘ great’ or ‘I saw you on Netflix, your band is amazing!’.”

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About 1800 francs

But appearing on the soundtrack of a series that has millions of views around the world does not rhyme with money. “That’s $2,000 (1830 francs, editor’s note) per piece with 33% for the publisher, says Robin Girod. It was not a good plan for the money. We didn’t do it thinking that we could then afford a studio session.”

The group will also receive a few hundred francs more, via royalties negotiated by the Swiss Society for the Rights of Authors of Musical Works (Suisa). “Suisa has contracts with platforms like Netflix which provide for a fee based on the number of views”, explains Céline Evéquoz, head of the Legal and Communication Department at Suisa.

The composer of the sounds of the “Serpent”

In the United States alone, more than 500 series are produced each year for streaming platforms. This market attracts musicians. Some manage to pull out of the game. The music of the “Snake“, for example, is signed by Dominique Scherrer, a Swiss composer living in London. “I really like working for series, he says. Eight hours of footage leaves more time to have fun and compose.”

In addition, with his notoriety, working for series is very lucrative for Dominique Scherrer. “When the show is a worldwide hit, it’s even more worthwhile.”

For the Geneva duo Bandit Voyage, Emily Cooper is already forgotten. He prefers to concentrate on his new album which comes out in a few weeks.

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