Music from the Orange Christmas 2022 ad

Music from the Orange Christmas 2022 ad

Orange launches its traditional Christmas campaign. This year, the first telephone operator in France offers us magic, in abundance and refurbished. The music in the commercial is the track from The Selecter titled “On My Radio”

Orange Christmas 2022 advertising: magic and a lot of refurbished

A few weeks ago, Orange made a commitment to the French by advocating digital equality for everyone. In this new campaign, it is waste that is pointed out. Indeed, the group plunges us head first into the atmosphere of the end of the year celebrations by making us experience the magic of Christmas in all its splendour. New this year is that Orange makes a point of recommending refurbished for a much more responsible Christmas.

Thus, the Orange Christmas ad was baptized “magic and a lot of refurbished” and was produced by Agence Publicis. It begins in an Orange showroom with a father who is accompanied by his daughter and inquires about the reliability of reconditioning. The saleswoman assures him that it is a wise choice and of good quality. Indeed, the devices are emptied, overhauled and tested before being put back into circulation. She also confides to the little girl that it is Santa Claus who actually takes care of it.

The ad continues by showing Santa Claus on his sleigh, over there in the North, in Lapland. He arrives in his workshop and, helped by his elves, begins to prepare the Christmas presents that he will distribute this year. The workshop operates like a real factory with all requests being addressed to Santa Claus. The latter coordinates all the checks that are carried out on the smartphones before validating their reconditioning. When everything is OK, they are finally wrapped in gift paper and shipped. The ad finally ends in a family’s living room on Christmas Eve. It’s time to exchange gifts. A young teenager receives a gift from his father that contains a refurbished smartphone straight from Santa’s workshops.

What is the music in the Orange Christmas 2022 ad?

Last year, at the same time, Orange celebrated the reunion season in its Christmas advertising campaign. The operator had for the occasion opted for a song by Desmond Dekker. This year, we’re changing register with a pub music signed by the group The Selector. This is the song “On My Radio” which dates from 1979. When it was released, the single was a real success and allowed the group to become known. The song was also ranked 44e on the list of “100 Greatest Songs of All Time” In 2008.

The selector is a group of musicians of British nationality. They evolved in the register of Ska music and 2 tone, genres which have fallen into disuse and which they have helped to bring back to the fore. The Selecter was formed in 1979 in Coventry The band originally consisted of Pauline Black, Compton Amanor, Charley Anderson, Charley Bembridge, Desmond Brown, Neol Davies and Arthur Hendrickson. On the other hand, several other members will join the group over the years, then leave it. In 1981, despite their success, the group will separate and each will try their luck solo. Ten years later, the members of The Selecter reunite and reform their formation. They will subsequently release five albums.

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